“Hello, I would certainly recommend Train2invest as my entire ‘mind-set’ has been changed. My portfolio recorded a 42% increase in 2018. I started the course in July 2016 and ‘fired my broker’ within 2 months of completing the course. Why? I beat his record and saved a boat load of money through the fees I was paying them to ‘manage my funds’. My wife who was as Jonathan states was a “GIC Queen” but not anymore. Its something we both enjoy working on.”

R.J., Ottawa, ONT.

“We fully recommend Train2Invest. We were somewhat skeptical as ‘how could a novice get better results that the experts?’ We are farmers and didn’t have computer knowledge etc. But these guys were great, they helped a great deal. I am grateful for their patience – it seems that they really wanted us to succeed. That we did. Our portfolio since 2013 has grown about 18% per year since then. Please do this for your family sake.”

B. K., Hamilton, ONT


"Started in 2011 – my portfolio increased approximately 17% per year. Took some hits (didn’t follow the rules) but as Jonathan said – give your head space a shake – get up and follow the rules. Thanks, Bud! Fully recommend these guys.”

M. F., Victoria, BC

“What can I say? I was the total skeptic, but my wife insisted I attend that online seminar in 2006. Jonathan & Bert put on a good show with very well thought out and logical explanations. Yet, I could not accept their statements. Why? I was a financial planner - these guys didn’t look sophisticated (sorry guys) as the Portfolio Managers that were with my company. My wife decided that she would do it on her own as I was being ‘stubborn’. She started with her RRSP which had about $25,000. By 2009, she had grown it to $ 35,000!40% within 3 years. Naturally, I swallowed my pride, and jumped in. We have recorded a proximately 23% per year since then. As Jonathan Says: JUST DO IT!”.

J.J., North Battleford, Sask.


"Just to let anyone who is afraid of ‘self-directed investing’, don’t be – the trainers/coaches were there to help us through certain areas that we had difficulty with. My wife and I are housing contractors and have only Grade 12 education. We started the course in January 2012 and within 3 months we were trading with ‘dummy’ accounts. In Sept 2012, we completed our first trade and the rest his history. Our Portfolio increased on average about 22% per year since then. What a marvelous experience. I am in my late 60s and have got all my children into the Train2Invest program. You should too.”

H.M., Winkler. MB


Train2Invest: Invest For Yourself,
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UrbanHope is a mentorship program for kids & youth in the St. Lawrence, Canary (Old Corktown), & surrounding high-rise communities of downtown Toronto.

The St. Lawrence Community has one of the highest concentrations of children and youth at risk in the City of Toronto. The UrbanHope mentorship program reaches out to children from their junior kindergarten years and partners with them until they graduate from high school.

The UrbanHope Objective: Our Mission is to reach the students in the St. Lawrence, Canary (Old Corktown), & surrounding high-rise communities by developing them into leaders, who restore their community. We also want to provide students opportunities to learn life skills through our mentorship program and developing a generation of young leaders who care for future young leaders, and serve their community.

The UrbanHope Mentorship program also has the endorsement of our local police in downtown Toronto (51 Division).

UrbanHope Programs: The following programs that are currently in place:

Homework Club where qualified teachers assist students of all ages with homework;

UrbanHope Youth, a weekly program that builds community and provides a safe place for students in grades 6 to 12

UrbanHope Kids, a weekly program for children in Kindergarten to grade 6

LIT Training Program (Leaders in Training), for Junior Leaders, Team Leaders and Interns who will have hands-on opportunities to develop leadership skills and grow as a leader

UrbanHope Community Events:
A GIANT Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids in the community over the Easter holiday weekend. Our annual UrbanHope Christmas party filled with Christmas acticitives and we send EVERY child home with a Christmas present.

UrbanHope Summer Camps: We offer our $10 a week summer camps, which allows all children to be able to attend! We only charge $10, but we provide a top of the line summer camp experience! There are multiple weeks of camp each summer.

UrbanHope has one full-time staff member and has an umbrella charity status under Church in the City. All contributions received will go towards funding the programs run by UrbanHope as well as to develop and expand the scope of the programs, subsidize the costs of summer camps and provide honorariums to Junior Leaders, Team Leaders, and Interns from the St. Lawrence community.

The average cost to support a child in Kindergarten to Grade 6 is $300 per year.

The average cost per child/youth in Grade 7 to Grade 12 is $500 per year.

The average cost for Junior Leaders, Team Leaders is $300 per year and the Intern will be paid hourly based on the minimum wage.

Your support will also be used for supporting refugees, food drives, and families in need in the neighbourhood.

Thank you for taking time to consider partnering with the UrbanHope Mentorship program!

Follow UrbanHope on Facebook @UrbanHopeToronto and partner with us through our journey.

CHARITY #: 132882820 RR0001

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