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The Sports Reverends: Real Talk Series - Episode 7

The Sports Reverends show is like NO OTHER SHOW OUT THERE! We talk facts and truth that mainstream media will just not do! We don' t just talk sports...we share a unique perspective on life and will challenge you to think for yourself and WRITE YOUR OWN HEADLINES!

In our ‘Real Talk Series’ we share the part of the show that ISN’T for the sports nuts, it’s for eveyone! We take hot topics that are in our culture, and share a Biblical perspective of how we should approach and how we can relate to them.

Check out our thoughts on Damar Hamlin and some interesting takes that you won't see ANY WHERE ELSE! THIS IS ONE OF A KIND MEDIA! Drop a like & subscribe.

If you are a sports fan or not…we hope our ‘Real Talk Series’ encourages you to be courageous, as you stand up for our Biblical principles.

If you want to see some of our past Real Talk Episodes…checkout The Sports Reverends YouTube Playlist called ‘Real Talk’.

You can check out an encouraging article on some of the cool things God is doing around the NFL, after the Damar Hamlin incident. ‘God is Real’

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